Workshop Detail

Film Workshop on Dino Risi’s “Il Sorpasso” (The Easy Life)

Sunday, October 24 @ 10:00 am PST – Join Valerio Viale, film expert and screenwriter for a one-hour free workshop as he illustrates for you the double-edged Italian economic miracle represented in Italian director Dino Risi’s masterpiece, Il Sorpasso (1962), a bittersweet road movie set between Rome and Tuscany.

Valerio will present meaningful clips from this Italian film classic that will take participants for a ride through the lights and shadows, the gains and losses of the early 1960s in Italy; a period in which remarkable technological and industrial innovations were looming over and transforming Italy’s centuries-old values and traditions.

This free one-hour seminar will be presented in English. Advanced registration is required. Please note: space is limited so if more than one family member is using the same computer to participate you only need to register for one person.