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Italian Cooking Hacked! Sicilian Cannoli Made Easy

June 10 @ 12:00 pm PST – Join Deborah Graci as she walks you through how to make the undisputed prince of Sicilian desserts…cannoli! Deborah’s grandmother used to tell her that cannoli originated in Caltanissetta. The name Caltanissetta in Arabic means “women’s castle.” During the period that the Arab empire was in Sicily, the emirs possessed a harem rich in women who would devote themselves to the preparation of many dishes. One of these dishes was the cannolo. Cannolo is a fried pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese. Deborah will share her grandmother’s recipe with you and show you tricks to make the preparation of the dessert easier without compromising taste!

Presentation is in English. Upon registration you will receive list of ingredients to purchase before the workshop. Advanced registration by June 9 is required.

Sicilian Cannoli Recipe