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University of Southern California Now Offers Italian Progressive Degree for Teaching Credentials

Date 08.23.2021

USC’s Dornsife College of Letters and Rossier School of Education is teaming up to offer a few exciting opportunities for Italian language students!
1. PROGRESSIVE DEGREE: It is now possible to study Italian through Dornsife, complete a minor in Rossier and earn a Progressive Degree MAT/MAT-TESOL and teaching credentials in four or five years before beginning a teaching career right after graduation! Contact for more information.
2. ITAL 120/ITAL 175 (Italian I/Accelerated Italian for Speakers of Spanish and Other Romance Languages): Why not consider studying ITAL-120 / ITAL-175 this fall to get ready for your Maymester in Rome 2022? Check out course options in the Schedule of Classes: Contact
3. MDA 444 (Teaching English as a Foreign Language/TEFL Certificate): Pending approval, this Maymester will take place in Rome, Italy in 2022! Contact Professor Jenifer Crawford for more information at