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AATI Webinar – Entertaining e-learning with Flippity and Padlet

September 2, 2020

September 19 @ 11:00 am EST – Please join AATI for their 5th webinar ending Series #1.  This webinar will again be hands-on and by now we need games and fun activities that reinforce lesson plans and provide a creative way for our students to collaborate, reflect, and have fun! Create original and innovative games in Italian to motivate students, controlling the content while accommodating diverse learning styles. Games can be used as an entry or exit ticket or a designated activity within the lesson. Flippity provides game templates that are familiar or intuitive and allows students to challenge themselves by demonstrating knowledge of content. Students can reflect and self report their progress post game by sharing their results on Padlet! By requiring students to occasionally post game results, teachers will be able to ensure remote participation while simultaneously allowing students to share, comment, and even collaborate while distance/e-learning.

What do you need for the webinar? AATI membership, a Google account, a QR reader is helpful. Additional links will be provided in the chat. Both and are free!

At the end of the session attendees will be able to:
*add games to curriculum without significant changes to pre-existing lesson plans
*have the technical sills to personalize Flippity on Google Sheets to create meaningful games to enrich and reinforce curriculum content.

About the presenter: Enza Antenos, Ph.D has been teaching Italian language and culture courses at Montclair State University since 2004. She is the Symposium chair of the annual Teaching Italian professional development program, organized with the Coccia- Inserra Institute. She is a versatile, interdisciplinary scholar and seasoned educator who seeks to engage student learning with innovative uses of technology and experimental learning opportunities. She earned her BA to PHD from the University of Toronto.

Registration is required by September 17, 2020