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Roberta Bianchettin

Roberta Bianchettin

Roberta was born and raised in Italy in a small town approximately 40 minutes outside of Venice, Italy. Before moving to Florida in 2001 with her husband, Roberta was a partner in her family business where she managed clients, employees, and suppliers. In 2008, Roberta started developing the National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs for Italian at the University of South Alabama, which she worked on until 2010 when she moved to California. In 2010 Roberta began her career as an Italian teacher’s assistant for a children’s class offered by Fondazione Italia. In 2011 she was offered her own class to teach has been teaching with Fondazione ever since. Roberta is also the Italian teacher at Valor Christian Academy in Redondo Beach. During her free time, Roberta enjoys sports and fitness and recently became a certified Yoga teacher.

Courses Taught:
Piccoli Amici & Parlo Italiano

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