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Lorena Bignamini

Lorena Bignamini

Lorena moved to Los Angeles from Milan, Italy 15 years ago. Her passion for teaching started when she was a child when her favorite game was not playing ‘house’ as many girls did, but playing ‘teacher’.

Lorena has taught English to Italian speakers in Italy, and, for the past 15 years, Italian to English speakers, in individual and group online settings. Having experience teaching in both language learning settings has given Lorena the ability to understand the challenges students face and the enormous pride a person feels when studying a new language. She knows there is not a blanket technique to language instruction so she customizes her instruction delivery to each person’s style of learning in a unique and fun way.

Lorena uses a textbook, current Italian Newspapers, magazines, music, fashion, speeches, literature, visuals and improvisation to ensure her student’s learn the current trends in language for conversation while also giving her students an excellent foundation in grammar.

In her classes, you will most likely hear her say, “learning Italian might be hard but it should not be boring!”

If you want to learn to speak Italian Lorena will get you there with a smile on your face!

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