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Ingrid Pagliarulo

Ingrid Pagliarulo

Born in Napoli in a family of artists that instilled in her a deep love and appreciation for her cultural heritage, Ingrid studied Italian Literature and Philosophy at Federico II University of Napoli. Ingrid has been involved in theater and teaching children since she was 14 years old. Together with her musician husband, Daniele, they opened a music and dance school in Napoli called Zero dB Lab. After moving to Los Angeles several years ago, Ingrid dedicated herself to teaching others about the culture and customs of Southern Italy. In her teachings Ingrid  includes music, theater, photography, dance, cinema, literature, and performance art with the goal to spread art, culture and customs from the South of Italy. Her enthusiasm for the Italian language and culture comes through in every lesson she gives and is thrilled to be passing on her knowledge and love of Italy to children.

Courses Taught:
Primi Passi & Italian Kid’s Theater

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