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Deborah Graci

Deborah Graci

Deborah graduated in 1994 with a degree in Education in Italy. Initially, and for the first 4 years she worked as a special education teacher for disabled children of various age, from elementary grades to high school grades. Since 2000, Deborah has been teaching Italian as a second language to children and adults. Deborah is a strong supporter of and creates programs for interactive learning of Italian using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method. TPR introduces the study of a language through the execution of verbal instructions and commands. This method represents an acceleration in the process of teaching- learning Italian as a second language. Obviously, because Italian grammar is very complex, TPR is only used to aid students by stimulating different types of memory: auditory, visual and tactile. Deborah’s goal as a teacher has always been to foster an environment of positive study for all students, as well as implementing and promoting successfully practices in her class to better serve her students in the acquisition of Italian. Her style of teaching is energetic and enthusiastic!

Deborah was born and raised in Italy by her two wonderful grandmothers. Nonna Pina from southern Italy and Nonna Bruna from northern Italy. Through them she learned all she knows about Italian culture and cuisine. She loves to share her grandmother’s recipes along with her love of teaching with all her students. Deborah feels Italian cuisine is the basis of culture and the core of this romantic language!

Classes Taught:

Adult Pre-Intermediate

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