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Daniela Mazzucato

Daniela Mazzucato

For Daniela Mazzucato, Italian isn’t just a language; it’s a life experience.  Italian was not only spoken in the home, it echoed through every family gathering and vacation since she was little.  While her father’s friends gathered in the backyard to play, bocce, and the women chatted over their espressos, Daniela danced between the two worlds, Italian and American.  With English in school, and Italian everywhere else, Daniela was drawn, early on, toward a multilingual education.  She has studied French, German and Spanish and has traveled in Europe extensively to immerse herself in the very distinct cultures that make her understanding of the languages more complete.  She worked in Congressional Offices in Washington, D.C. before moving to California to begin her career in feature animation at Walt Disney Studios.  She is now a Production Manager in feature animation at DreamWorks, SKG.  She has worked with children at the Fondazione Italia over the past year and is looking forward to teaching students through the program.

Courses Taught:
Parlo Italiano I

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