Staff Bio | Teresa D’Agostaro

Teresa D’Agostaro

Teresa D’Agostaro

Community Liaison

Born in Los Angeles to an Italian-American mother and Italian immigrant father, Teresa was raised to be very proud of her Italian heritage.  She started learning Italian at the age of 16 and has since continued to improve it and seek opportunities to use it. She attended Gonzaga University in Florence for a year while working on her degree from Loyola Marymount University. After college, she worked as legal secretary and translator for the attorneys of the Italian Consulate under Consul General Alberto Boniver.  At that time she also served as Director of Cultural Events for Gioventù Italiana di Los Angeles based at St. Peter’s Church.  In 1997 she became Associate Producer at RAI International and worked under Producer Piero Di Pasquale producing documentaries and local news segments.  When RAI Corporation closed their Los Angeles office in 1999 she went on to work for film producer Dino De Laurentiis for two years.  Upon the birth of her first child Sofia she left De Laurentiis to devote herself fully to motherhood.  Since then she has continued to work as a freelance production coordinator and translator.  When her second child Lucia was born she began to look for Italian language classes for both of her children.  She had spoken Italian to her girls since they were born, but was anxious to find a learning environment where her girls could learn Italian and build community with other Italian-speaking children.  Upon discovering that Fondazione Italia was about to offer classes in Burbank, she offered to coordinate the activities at this center on a volunteer basis, and within a year it grew to its current eight classes catering to about 75 students.

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