Staff Bio | Simona Montanari, Ph.D

Simona Montanari, Ph.D

Simona Montanari, Ph.D


Simona Montanari is an expert on language development and is responsible for teaching “Communication Behavior in Childhood” at Cal State University Los Angeles (CSULA). Simona started working at CSULA teaching language development as a part-timer in Fall 2005. Since then she has become more and more fascinated by the cultural and linguistic diversity that the CSULA students bring to class. Their multilingualism and multiculturalism makes the classroom the ideal place to discuss the implications of language development under diverse circumstances. As an expert on early multilingual development, she strives to promote among her students a better understanding and an appreciation of the rich and diverse linguistic experiences of multilingual children. At the same time, her students’ unique linguistic and cultural experiences teach her something new every day about language development in different environments.

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