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Proposed Charter School to offer K-8 Italian Dual-Immersion Program

Date 11.10.2015

A proposed Charter School petition for the International Studies Language Academy (ISLA) has been submitted for consideration to the Glendale Unified District’s Board of Education. The parent group that submitted the petition are enthusiastic, dedicated parents who have been working in partnership with highly experienced educators and consultants. They have embarked on creating a new elementary and middle-school in Glendale that focuses on language acquisition and high academic standards. The proposed school will be a free, public, charter school, set to open in Fall 2016.

The ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-5) will offer immersion (90/10 model) in French, German, Italian and Spanish. All grades K-5 will be open to all students, regardless of language skills – no prior knowledge of the target language is required.

The MIDDLE SCHOOL will have two tracks. A CONTINUED IMMERSION track will be open to students already fluent in their target language (25/75 model). An ACQUISITION track will be open to students with no prior knowledge of the target language (25/75 model), giving them an opportunity to become fluent in their target language by high-school.

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If you would like to voice your opinion on this initiative in person there will be a board meeting discussion on the charter at 223 N. Jackson Street in Glendale on Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30pm that is open to public comment

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