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Kids “Project 28” Italian Music Workshop in OC – Dec. 8

Date 11.25.2018

This music workshop conducted by Italian music teacher, Marco Bazzi, is based on Italy’s “Project 28” program that espouses teaching music through listening, the practice of drawing and creative image processing, sound painting, sound cartoons, silent cinema, and games. The objective of Project 28 is the development of a capacity for attentive listening and free and creative re-elaboration of the sound as the foundations to explore traditional musical language. In this workshop geared to kids ages 8 to 12 years old, students will participate in music activities that express the value of sound and will discover the evocative power of music through pictorial and linguistic association. Students will transform everyday objects (pencils, books, desks) into instruments and learn that music is all around us. All proficiency levels welcome. Workshop will be presented in Italian and English.

Saturday, December 8
1:00 – 3:00 pm
$20 per child (8 to 12 years old only) – $5 off with PROMO05 code
Orange County Language Center