Grant & Scholarship Detail

The San Gennaro Foundation Italian American Student College Scholarship


The mission of The San Gennaro Foundation is to uphold the principles that were established by St. Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples, Italy who worked tirelessly to help people in need. In addition to raising necessary funds, the Foundation seeks to perpetuate cultural identity and solidarity within the Italian American community and to propagate unity and cooperation among Italian Americans. With such strong values at the heart of the organization, it was natural to share these values with those who could help perpetuate them for generations to come. As a result, The San Gennaro Foundation offers scholarships to Italian-Americans to help pay for college. The award is payable only upon proof of acceptance at a recognized junior college or accredited college university, public or private, offering academic courses leading to an academic degree.

Application Deadline is August 31, 2017