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Master of Arts in Italian Studies at Boston College Full Teaching Scholarships for Fall 2021


The Boston College Department of Romance Languages and Literature invites qualified students to apply for the Master of Arts program in Italian Studies. The department is committed to the professional formation of students, who graduate with broad experience in textual and cultural analysis, including a strong component of visual literacy and film as well as pedagogical training and practice. Our courses focus on the analysis of specific authors and themes, while seeking an interdisciplinary approach to literary studies. They range from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from Romanticism to the Twentieth-First century, and include seminars on Italian cinema, art and pedagogy. We expect an incoming class of 5-6 students, and maintain a low student-faculty ratio that allows individualized attention for each student. The department brings together students in French, Italian and Hispanic Studies.

All graduate students are supported by TEACHING FELLOWSHIPS

 (full tuition remission and a monthly stipend)

While attending graduate seminars, our Master’s students teach undergraduate language courses, and participate in diverse departmental activities. In the past several years, Masters candidates from Boston College have accepted prestigious doctoral fellowships at University of California-Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, New York University, Johns Hopkins and The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, among others. Those students who have chosen secondary teaching as a career have positions in some of the best public schools in the area.

Boston is a cosmopolitan city enriched by over forty universities and colleges as well as several institutions of Italian culture. In the second year of study, Masters candidates at Boston College may enroll in courses offerings at a consortium of local universities including Boston University, Tufts University and Brandeis University. Summer research scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

The program welcomes American, Italian, and other international applicants, and seeks a balance of native and non-native speakers. Most courses are taught in Italian. Applicants must have a firm command of the Italian language. A Bachelor’s degree with a major in Italian is preferred but not required.

Application deadline is February 1, 2021.

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