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La Sapienza Italian Language & Culture Summer School 2018


Learning Italian and getting to know Italian culture is one of the most rewarding features of coming to Sapienza in Rome. It’s why they have created the Sapienza Summer School in Italian language and culture, where students from all over the world can study and discover the many aspects of Italian literature, art, cinema, etc., and perfect their language skills. Courses are taught by enthusiastic instructors who provide students with unique insights into the many layers of Italy.

To apply for a 400 euro scholarship to attend La Sapienza’s Italian Language & Culture summer  program, send a letter requesting the scholarship and your resume to as soon as possible.

La Sapienza offers two separate tracks, one taught entirely in Italian, the other taught entirely in English. Each track includes both lectures on different topics (ranging from literature, archaeology, music, to cinema, fashion, etc.) and language classes.

No prior knowledge of Italian is required for students enrolling in the English-taught course; language classes are suited to complete beginners and will cover the very basics of the Italian language.

Students can choose to attend the Italian-thought course or the English one!

Summer School Brochure (Italian)
Summer School Brochure (English)
Italian Program Application
English Program Application

To obtain the Registration number, follow the instruction at Point 5 (Submission of the application form for admission/Presentazione della domanda di ammissione).

The Italian Language and Culture Summer School welcomes foreign students with a secondary school diploma or equivalent educational title from foreign institutions, or students enrolled in a university course.

There are not any specific requirements: no limited age; no specific academic background.

Students are required to total a minimum 75% attendance at the Summer School to receive an attendance certificate and the 5 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) in the relative field as per the rules and regulations of the Bachelors and Masters programs

Accommodation is not included in the 1,400 euro tuition fees; they do offer, however, access to discounted rates for the “Casa dell’Aviatore” residences, all within walking distance from their Main Campus, where the Summer Schools takes place.

Their rates are as follows (*):

Viale dell’Università Residence:

single room: € 71,00
double room: € 103,00
triple room: € 123,00

Via Spallanzani Residence:

single room: € 51,00
double room: € 83,00
triple room: € 103,00

These rates are per room, per night, including breakfast (additional housing fee of €3,5 per person per night NOT included).

(*)These rates could be increased by 1€ per room.

They can also provide assistance for students looking for other housing solutions!

As for living costs, like most big cities, Rome can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. They will buy you a monthly bus and underground pass, their university canteen offers full meals for as low as 8 Euros, and most pubs and clubs in the San Lorenzo district (5-minute walk from Sapienza) are quite cheap. Moreover, as Sapienza Summer Schools students you have access to a wide variety of free or discounted services (free Wi-Fi, discounted cinema and theatre tickets, etc.). For more information, you can visit our “Life in Rome” webpage.

Deadline for submitting the Application is 30th April 2018.