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Free Screening of Italian Animated Film, “Cinderella the Cat” – Dec. 2 at IIC

Date 11.29.2017

The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles Cordially invites you to “Cinderella the Cat”, the Italian Animated Feature submission for the 2018 Academy Awards directed by Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello Marino, Guarnieri, and Dario Sansone
Saturday, December 2
10:00 am and 12:00 pm
1023 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Cinderella was raised in the Megaride, a huge ship stuck in the port of Naples for over 15 years. Her father, the rich ship owner and scientist, died taking to the grave the technological secrets of the ship and the dream for a revival of the port.
Since then, the young girl has been living in the shadow of her fearsome stepmother and her six cunning daughters. The city is now left to decay and its only hope lies in Salvatore Lo Giusto, known as ‘o Re, an ambitious drug trafficker who, plotting with the stepmother, exploits the inheritance of an unaware Cinderella to turn the port of Naples into a hotbed for laundering. The future of young Cinderella and the poor city of Naples hang by the same, thin thread.

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Please arrive early since RSVP may not guarantee seat availability in the theater.