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Fondazione Italia Italian Language Students Ages 7-16 Create Il Piccolo Corriere

Date 12.13.2016

Fondazione Italia’s Italian language student’s ages 7 to 16 have together with their teacher, created Il Piccolo Corriere. The goal of Il Piccolo Corriere was to incorporate, in a fun and creative way, writing activities into the communicative experience of language learning. Fondazione Italia students were asked to contribute an article to Il Piccolo Corriere on a topic related to their own experience of all things Italian, and Italy. The first edition includes wonderful articles on the artist, Clet Abraham who paints on Italian street signs, a recipe for Ragù alla Bolognese, reflections on a trip to Cefalù, how to make a “Pupazzo di Neve,” and much, much more!

“Writing-to-learn” activities in the foreign language classroom is a great way to learn new vocabulary and practice verb construction. Unlike conversation where there is no time to think about how to use a new language, writing gives language learners the opportunity to think and practice the language, helps increase overall language proficiency, expands critical thinking skills, and fosters cultural interaction.

The next edition of Il Piccolo Corriere is out on December 19th!

Download Il Piccolo Corriere today!