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Creazione di lezioni e video didattici per facilitare l’apprendimento online

Date 08.27.2020

Venerdì, 25 settembre @ 5:00 pm PST – In collaborazione con la Pepperdine University, Fondazione Italia è lieta di offrire a TUTTI gli insegnanti di Italiano due opportunità virtuali GRATUITE sulla creazione e lo sviluppo di lezioni sincrone per l’insegnamento di Italiano a distanza.


AATI Webinar – Entertaining e-learning with Flippity and Padlet

Date 09.02.2020

September 19 @ 11:00 am EST – Please join AATI for their 5th webinar ending Series #1.  This webinar will again be hands-on and by now we need games and fun activities that reinforce lesson plans and provide a creative way for our students to collaborate, reflect, and have fun! Create original and innovative games in Italian to motivate students, controlling the content while accommodating diverse learning styles. Games can be used as an entry or exit ticket or a designated activity within the lesson. Flippity provides game templates that are familiar or intuitive and allows students to challenge themselves by demonstrating knowledge of content. Students can reflect and self report their progress post game by sharing their results on Padlet! By requiring students to occasionally post game results, teachers will be able to ensure remote participation while simultaneously allowing students to share, comment, and even collaborate while distance/e-learning.

What do you need for the webinar? AATI membership, a Google account, a QR reader is helpful. Additional links will be provided in the chat. Both and are free!

At the end of the session attendees will be able to:
*add games to curriculum without significant changes to pre-existing lesson plans
*have the technical sills to personalize Flippity on Google Sheets to create meaningful games to enrich and reinforce curriculum content.

About the presenter: Enza Antenos, Ph.D has been teaching Italian language and culture courses at Montclair State University since 2004. She is the Symposium chair of the annual Teaching Italian professional development program, organized with the Coccia- Inserra Institute. She is a versatile, interdisciplinary scholar and seasoned educator who seeks to engage student learning with innovative uses of technology and experimental learning opportunities. She earned her BA to PHD from the University of Toronto.

Registration is required by September 17, 2020



Creazione di attività di lettura e comprensione audio dal livello Italiano 1 all’ AP®

Date 08.27.2020

Martedì, 15 settembre @ 5:00 pm PST – In collaborazione con la Pepperdine University, Fondazione Italia è lieta di offrire a TUTTI gli insegnanti di Italiano due opportunità virtuali GRATUITE sulla creazione e lo sviluppo di lezioni sincrone per l’insegnamento di Italiano a distanza.

Registrazione (il link scade il 30 settembre)

Prezi PowerPoint

“New Italian” – Italian social justice and diversity resources to use in K-12 classrooms

Date 08.05.2020

Thursday, August 20 from 7:00 am to 11:00 am PST – Italian Teacher’s Association in New Jersey is pleased to offer all K-12 Italian teachers a FREE virtual professional development opportunity in celebration of their 20th year. Their pedagogical commitment is to bring  students Italian culture.  This year’s workshop focuses not only on the “New Italian,” but  presenters will also provide Italian social justice and diversity resources to use in American classrooms this year.

Workshop will be held on Thursday, August 20, from 10 am to 2 pm EST.

Please follow the link for detailed information including registration.

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AATI Webinare: Using Flipgrid in your Virtual Classroom

Date 08.08.2020

Sunday, August 15 @ 11:00 am EST – AATI is proud to announce four webinars for K-12 to help Italian teachers navigate the beginning of the school year. Each webinar can be adapted to various levels of Italian. All webinars are on a Sunday at 11:00 am EST.

Using Flipgrid in the virtual classroom. Register by August 13

More Information_

Webinars are free for AATI members. For additional information please contact Lyn Scolaro at

AATI Webinar: Edpuzzle – Make any Video your Lesson

Date 07.31.2020

August 8 @ 8:00 am PST – What is Edpuzzle? Edpuzzle is easy to use. It is a platform that allows students to engage in watching a video and responding to embedded activities created by the teacher. This platform can be used for individualized listening comprehension in all levels and can also be used as an activity during small group breakout sessions during e-learning. Webinar session description: This session will focus on utilizing Edpuzzle as a tool for target language auditory and visual aide. The interactive webinar will place you in the seat of the student allowing you to perform hands-on tasks offered through Edpuzzle. Once you have experienced the student’s experience, the presenter will guide you on how to create your own Edpuzzle activities.

What do I need for the webinar? All links will be provided during the session.

At the end of the session attendees will be able to:
•provide video assignments for students to answer on e-learning days
•provide real time activities for student to focus on in breakout sessions while
the teacher focuses on individual breakout room discussions
•provide feedback to students related to listening comprehension
•provide a vehicle for full class discussion
•have two activities to utilize in the classroom

About the presenter: Raffaella Spilotro teaches Italian at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, IL. She has dedicated her passion for teaching for 15 years. Her preferred method of teaching is based on the communicative approach while structuring activities to involve students to speak Italian. During a sabbatical in Firenze she created authentic vocabulary videos. She was the 2015 recipient of the Coccia-Inserra Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Teaching of Italian (K-12). She has presented at the Italian Language and Culture Conference in Washington D.C., and has been featured in the RAI Community L’altra Italia

Registration is required no later than August 6, 2020 (free for AATI members)

Pedagogy: Teaching an Italian-American Studies Syllabus or Module

Date 08.04.2020

Friday, August 7 @ 12:00 pm (PST) – Josephine Gattuso Hendon at New York University and Phil Sipiora, Professor at University of South Florida in collaboration with the Italian American Studies Association present the virtual webinar, “Pedagogy: Teaching an Italian-American Studies Syllabus or Module.”

For the zoom link please contact

4 Webinars – Flipped Classroom: La Didattica Rovesciata

Date 07.22.2020

Flipped Classroom, la didattica rovesciata a cura di Loescher Editore per i docenti della scuola secondaria di I e II grado

Nell’ottica della didattica rovesciata, l’iniziativa comprende 4 webinar in cui si illustrano:
• strumenti per realizzare videolezioni autoprodotte e lezioni interattive, sfruttando materiali presenti in rete
• 3 siti, Edpuzzle, Playposit e Vibby, che consentono, con modalità differenti, di realizzare filmati didattici partendo da materiali disponibili on line
• 3 siti, Thinglink, Padlet e Tes-Blendspace, che permettono, con modalità diverse, di realizzare delle bacheche virtuali da costruire anche in modalità collaborativa.

Webinar 1: Flipped classroom: come creare videolezioni
Webinar 2: Flipped classroom: strumenti on-line per una didattica rovesciata
Webinar 3: Flipped classroom: tre web-app per video didattici
Webinar 4: Flipped classroom e cooperative learning: realizzare una bacheca virtuale


Acquista Webinars

AATI Announces AP Italian Language and Culture Webinar Series with the Italian Language Foundation

Date 07.21.2020

July 28, Aug. 4 & Aug. 11 – AATI is pleased to announce that they are offering an AP Italian Language and Culture webinar series in partnership with the Italian Language Foundation. Led by experienced professionals, these webinars are designed to give you specialized support to develop or refine your AP course. You can use what you learn right away in your classroom to help your students excel in their AP courses.

Program Details:

Webinar 1: AP Meets MADE IN ITALY: Teaching the Four ‘As’ according to AP
July 28th, 2020, from 7–9 p.m. ET.
Presenter: Dr. Ryan Calabretta-Sajder

Thinking about a new didactic unit for your AP course? How about focusing on one of the Four “As” of MADE IN ITALY: abbigliamento, agroalimentare, automotive, arredamento. This two-hour online workshop will 1) explain how you can adopt MADE IN ITALY for the AP Italian curriculum, 2) demonstrate sample didactic units revolving around the Four “As” and how they align with AP standards, 3) provide methods for assessment and 4) offer a brief brainstorming for unique didactic units.
Register Now

Webinar 2: AP Meets MADE IN ITALY II: Culture, Innovation, and Business
August 4th, 2020, from 7-9 p.m. ET.
Presenter: Dr. Enza Antenos

In this two-hour online workshop participants will continue developing relevant and rigorous didactic units for your AP course looking at Italian for professional purposes. Italy is a world economic leader as a G7 country. Moreover, Italy and the U.S. have always been close trade and political partners, and there is a strong presence of Italian business in the U.S.
This online workshop will 1) align business Italian with the themes of the AP curriculum; 2) share samples of didactic units on developing intercultural communication in Italian-American business settings, using major global and local industries and companies as models; 3) provide assessments and rubric models; and 4) brainstorm strategies and techniques to create innovative lesson plans.
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Webinar 3: AP Meets Contemporary Italian Culture
August 11th, 2020, from 7-9 p.m. ET.

Presenter: Maria Gloria BorsaIn this two-hour online workshop, participants will explore the theme of Italian contemporary life through the lens of Italian television series, movies, and music events. They will become familiar with authentic resources that can be used to develop lessons for the AP World Language theme of contemporary life.
Register Now

After registering, you will be sent an email with the Zoom information you need to access the workshop. All sessions will be recorded and posted for teachers of AP Italian Language and Culture.

Cost: Free for all members of the Italian Language Foundation and the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI).

To join the Italian Language Foundation, please visit their website:
To join the AATI, please visit their website:

Italian Free Online Courses You Can Use for Remote, Hybrid or In-Person Teaching

Date 07.21.2020

We would like to remind you that our online courses, free and open to all, may help you and your students transition from campus to remote / hybrid teaching during the 2020-2021 academic year.  You can also use online program in place of your textbook. Students and professors sign up for free and have immediate access to all online material.

Here are the links:

Italian Language and Culture: Beginner (roughly equivalent to first semester Italian at the college level)
Italian Language and Culture: Intermediate (roughly equivalent to second semester Italian at the college level)
Italian Language and Culture: Advanced (roughly equivalent to third and/or fourth semesters Italian at the college level)
AP® Italian Language and Culture (fourth semester or bridge courses; a new and updated edition of this course will open on August 18. 2020)

License programs offered that can be customized and personalized so that courses to meet your needs and goals.

For more information please contact Daniela Bartalesi-Graf,, or David Ward,