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Alana Garrigues

Date 01.08.2015

Alana is very excited to share her passion for teaching and language with your children! She attended the University of Torino and worked for Alitalia for many years. She taught and developed a curriculum for preschool-aged children at Pacific Unitarian church and volunteers as an Art and Nutrition Instructor at her twin daughters’ school several times a year. Alana is a local journalist married to a man from Paola, Italy, and has two children that they tote back and forth to southern Italy every summer. She loves to teach, and is excited to share her love and knowledge of the Italian language and culture with all of you!

Classes Taught
Primi Passi & Piccoli Amici II

Maria Pellicciari

Date 01.08.2015

Maria Antonietta was raised for the first 20 years of her life between Italy and the United Kingdom where she was born, but raised in the Italian educational system first in Milan and then in Bologna. Her multicultural family embarked her on an adventure for life that allowed her to travel as far as Nepal and the former Soviet Union, igniting in her a life-long love for travel and foreign languages. Maria currently works as a full-time State-Certified Court Interpreter in Italian and Spanish for Criminal and Civil Proceedings in the L.A. Superior Courts but will always find time to share her love of all things Italian, especially the language, with others!

Classes Taught
Italian for Travelers & Adult Intermediate

Stefania Buggio

Date 10.03.2014

Stefania was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Staying close to home, she spent several years there working for Rima SpA. She then fulfilled a dream of working in the U.S. when she captured the highly coveted position as a cultural representative at the Italian Pavilion, Walt Disney World – Epcot Center. Her tour ended and Stefania returned to Italy, but she soon returned to the U.S. permanently after falling in love and marrying an American filmmaker. She’s worked for Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel as a manager, and as Product Development Assistant with HTC Packaging, Inc. However her call as a cultural representative has captured her heart again. This will be Stefania’s inaugural semester with Fondazione Italia as an assistant, where she’s looking forward to sharing her wonderful native language and culture with our students.

Classes Taught:
Piccoli Amici I

Valentina Corvaglia

Date 09.19.2014

Valentina Corvaglia was born and raised in Gorizia, a small city in the north east of Italy. After receiving her Teacher Certification in 2006, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and Education from the University of Trieste and in 2008 a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Valentina started working in Italy as teacher and tutor in public high schools and private business schools, gaining experience with young children and adults. In 2010 she completed a second Master in Guidance Psychology at the University of Padua. Valentina recently moved to Orange County with her husband where she has been able to continue her work in the Educational field while still teaching Italian to children and adults. In September 2014, Valentina began her collaboration with Fondazione Italia in Lake Forest.

Courses Taught
Primi Passi & Piccoli Amici

Daniela Mazzucato

Date 09.16.2014

For Daniela Mazzucato, Italian isn’t just a language; it’s a life experience.  Italian was not only spoken in the home, it echoed through every family gathering and vacation since she was little.  While her father’s friends gathered in the backyard to play, bocce, and the women chatted over their espressos, Daniela danced between the two worlds, Italian and American.  With English in school, and Italian everywhere else, Daniela was drawn, early on, toward a multilingual education.  She has studied French, German and Spanish and has traveled in Europe extensively to immerse herself in the very distinct cultures that make her understanding of the languages more complete.  She worked in Congressional Offices in Washington, D.C. before moving to California to begin her career in feature animation at Walt Disney Studios.  She is now a Production Manager in feature animation at DreamWorks, SKG.  She has worked with children at the Fondazione Italia over the past year and is looking forward to teaching students through the program.

Courses Taught:
Parlo Italiano I

Silvia McCall

Date 09.16.2014

Silvia was born in Italy and came to live in the United States 17 years ago with her husband and  oldest daughter. She earned her degree from the School of Languages, Literature, Interpreting, and Translation at the University of Bologna, Italy. Silvia has years of experience teaching foreign languages to children and has five young children of her own!

Courses Taught:
Parlo Italiano Ib

Simona Cavadini

Date 08.20.2014

Simona grew up in Como, Italy and graduated from the Bocconi University in Milan, majoring in International Business. After several of years working in Human Resources for a U.S. multinational company, Simona decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather!) and moved to sunny Los Angeles to follow her husband. Since moving to Los Angeles, Simona has worked for the U.S. office of the Vicenza Trade Fair (VTF) as a Marketing and PR Specialist. Additionally, she taught Italian to private clients, as a way to stay connected to her culture. After becoming a mom, Simona worked for the VTF from home until 2013 when she decided to pursue her passion for teaching more rigorously. She completed a training course for foreign language teachers based on the Montessori Methodology and started working and teaching at Fondazione Italia in 2014.

Francesca Paduano

Date 08.20.2014

Francesca was born and raised in Milan, Italy. She received a Masters of Arts  in Italian Literature (University of Padua) and a Ph.D in Italian (UCLA) and has taught courses in Italian Language, culture and literature since 1998 in institutions of higher education including UCLA, California State Long Beach, Scripps College, Marist College and Pepperdine University. At the present Francesca is Assistant Professor of Italian at Chapman University. In addition to her full time teaching, Francesca has often taught Italian (adult classes) for Fondazione Italia. In her teaching of Italian, she practices an individualized and full immersion approach.

Courses Taught:

Beginning Adult I

Serena Mauratelli

Date 08.20.2014

Coming Soon

Courses Taught:

Piccoli Amici I & II

Paola Cardea

Date 08.20.2014

Paola was born and raised in Reggio Calabria, a small city located in the south of Italy. After high school she moved to Venice, where she earned her degree in East Asian Languages shortly before moving to California in 2007. Most recently Paola has been working as an interpreter and translator as well as continuing her work as an Italian tutor to adults and kids. Paola is in the process of obtaining her Multiple Subject Credential with the goal of joining the Benjamin Franklin Elementary Italian Immersion program team where she has worked as a Homework Club tutor and will shortly become one of their substitute teachers. Paolo has two young daughters and is looking forward to becoming the newest member of the Burbank Fondazione Italia team.

Courses Taught:
Primi Passi