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Fare Cinema 2021 World Day of Italian Cinema – June 19

Date 06.14.2021

Since 2018, Fare Cinema is the week that the Farnesina dedicates every year to the ‘seventh art’ with events around the world organized by Italian Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes to introduce foreign audiences to the best of Italian cinema. Since the first edition, the focus of the festival has been the professions of cinema, that is, on all those workers who make up the complex machine of film production and who, in front of or behind the camera, contribute to the success of our cinema in Italy and abroad.

This year’s program includes the following sections:

REBOOT – ITALIAN CINEMA RETURNS and THE NEW EMBRACE OF CINEMA: FROM THE PANDEMY TO THE SET two series of original videos dedicated to the professional careers in Italian cinema and the resiliency of the Italian film industry, produced in collaboration with the Cinema Foundation for Rome

WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA an online film series  on presented in collaboration with the distribution house True Colours.

BEYOND THE SCREEN a series of documentaries that recount the story of Italian cinema behind the scenes in collaboration with Audiovisiva.

BIOPIC TV two biographical TV limited series available on in collaboration with RAICom and Movieheart.

DAVID DI DONATELLO AWARDS – BEST SHORT FILMS online screenings of the five titles selected for the 2021 edition of the award in collaboration with the Academy of Italian Cinema and ANICA.Available on the Vimeo channel of the Italiana portal.

CORTI D’AUTORE six original shorts from a MAECI project in collaboration with ANICA. Available on the Vimeo channel of the Italiana portal.

FROM BOOK TO SCREEN  three documentaries on the making of successful television series, in collaboration with the Salone del libro di Torino, the Turin Book Fair, available on the Vimeo channel of the Italiana portal and on the official channels of the Salone.

During the 2021 edition of Fare Cinema, the World Day of Italian Cinema will be celebrated on 19 June.