Ragazzi Italiani

Our Ragazzi Italiani (Italian Teens) is an Italian language course that is divided into four proficiency levels, Ragazzi Italiani I, II, III, and Advanced/Heritage. This ONLINE course is designed for middle and high school students ages 12-16 years old who wish to develop, strengthen, and deepen communicative competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing while exploring multiple aspects of Italian society and culture.  The curriculum for Ragazzi Italiani I, II, and III is developed to meet the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and is designed to help students build the skills needed to do well on the Italian SAT® and AP® Italian Language and Culture exams. Our brand new Ragazzi Italian Advanced/Heritage focuses on strengthening the high-level language skills required to take the Italian SAT® and AP® Italian Language and Culture exams.

Ragazzi Italiani I  is designed for students at a beginner level who wish to learn the fundamentals of Italian.

Textbook: Espresso Ragazzi 1

Ragazzi Italiani II is for students who have a pre-intermediate level command of Italian and/or took the Ragazzi Italian I course for several sessions or have prior approval from the teacher.

Textbook: Espresso Ragazzi 2

Ragazzi Italiani III is for students who have strong intermediate/low-advanced knowledge of Italian, or have taken Ragazzi Italiani II for several sessions and/or have prior approval from the teacher.

Textbook: Espresso Ragazzi 3

Ragazzi Italiani Advanced/Heritage is designed for students who are fluent in spoken Italian because they speak Italian at home. With a referral from the teacher, non-heritage speakers are also welcome to take this course. This course is the perfect gateway for students who wish to take the AP® Italian Language & Culture exam course when they will be in 9th or 10th grade.

Textbook: Nuovi Compagni di Viaggio 1

If you are unsure which level your child should be enrolled in, please email Lorena Bignamini.

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