Adult Beginning I is designed for students with zero to a low level of knowledge of Italian. This introductory 20-week course aims to develop basic communicative skills in order to be able to use and respond to everyday expressions in simple conversations. Students will learn about pronunciation, greetings, introductions, ordering food and drinks, asking about someone’s place of origin and their jobs, talking about free time and leisure activities, and much more! In grammar, topics covered include gender of nouns, subject pronouns, the tu/Lei distinction, key questions, indefinite and definite articles, and the use of some prepositions while covering the present tense of regular and irregular verbs, including piacere and sapere vs. conoscere.

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Adult Beginning II is designed for students who have an established low-level beginning knowledge of Italian. The course begins with a review of the main points that were taught in Beginning I. Throughout this 20-week course, students learn new vocabulary regarding places, vacation, travel, and their various aspects. They will also learn how to describe someone’s routine, lifestyle, and activities. Students will deepen their familiarity with the present tense to include the verbs dare, dire, venire, andare, dovere, potere, volere and sapere, and will cover adverbs and prepositions. They will also be introduced to the past tense (Passato Prossimo).  At the end of the course, students should be able to confidently speak about their interests, tastes, and preferences, ask about the time, reserve a hotel room, and describe people and places.

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Textbook: NEW Italian Espresso 1 NEW EDITION which, for students’ convenience, is available for purchase directly from Fondazione Italia. Please email to purchase the textbook. 

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