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Cinema Italian Style Los Angeles Begins Nov. 21

Date 11.14.2019

Cinema Italian Style 2019 opens with the Los Angeles premiere of 5 IS THE PERFECT NUMBER on Thursday November 21 at 7.30 at the Aero Theatre!

The movie is an adaptation of the novel written by Igort Tuveri, one of the most prominent graphic novelists of Italy, a member of the Bolognese new wave art movement. “With its shocks of bold colors, vertiginous angles and glaring headlights that cut through thick fog, “5 Is the Perfect Number” will be compared to Frank Miller’s “Sin City” films. But Igort’s goals are better represented in another crime film based on a graphic novel, 2002’s “Road to Perdition.” Richly shot with atmosphere to spare by Conrad Hall, “Road to Perdition” was, first and foremost, a mournful saga about fathers and sons. As Peppino tells his own son, Nino, in a flashback scene, “If you kill all the criminals, the world will be out of balance.” The world of Igort’s film is out of balance, which tends to happen when you elevate visuals over characters.”

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