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San Diego Italian Film Festival: July 12 – August 16

Date 07.03.2018

The San Diego Italian Film Festival embarks on a new decade continuing their tradition of bringing San Diego County the best in Italian Cinema; it’s not just Italian films but an Italian perspective.

July 13 – August 16

Film Listings & Screening Dates and Location





MUSIC: Laura Pausini at the Greek Theater – July 28

Date 06.30.2018

After 2016 sold-out world tour, Laura Pausini is once again going on a world tour! With over millions and millions records sold, Laura is the most beloved Italian singer all around the world and now she’s taking over another incredible record for her 25-year career.

Laura Pausini at the Greek Theater
Saturday, July 28, 2018
8:00 pm


Learn Italian in Orange County!

Date 06.28.2018

Fondazione Italia’s Orange County Language Center is located on the beautiful Chapman University campus. Fall classes start September 1!

ART: The Chiarioscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy at LACMA

Date 06.25.2018

For this first major presentation of the subject in the United States, some 100 rare chiaroscuro woodcuts from the Italian Renaissance will be brought together alongside related drawings, engravings, and sculpture to LACMA. Its accompanying catalogue, published with the participation of the Institute, offers a fresh perspective on the remarkable art of the chiaroscuro woodcut. Now through September 6.

Giornata Nazionale dello Sport – June 3

Date 05.30.2018

On June 3 join Fondazione Italia and the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI), to celebrate Italy’s National Sports Day, Giornata Nazionale dello Sport! The day aims to raise awareness on the subject of physical and mental health related to the practice of sport, as well as on the importance of healthy eating habits typical of the Mediterranean diet.


Festa della Repubblica – June 2

Date 06.01.2018

La Festa della Repubblica is an important National holiday in Italy that is celebrated every year on June 2. Similar to Independence Day in the US and other countries, it celebrates the official formation of the Republic of Italy after World War II.

Here’s what you should know.

It all started in 1946

June 2nd, 1946, was the day Italians voted to abolish the monarchy, and the Republic of Italy was born; hence Republic Day.

After an 85-year monarchy, which had for the most part been very popular with the people, a referendum resulted in 12,717,923 votes ‘for’ (54 percent) and 10,719,284 votes ‘against’ (45 percent). All male members and future heirs of the ruling House of Savoy were deposed and exiled.

Italy’s final king only ruled for one month

The House of Savoy had ruled since Italy’s Unification in 1861, but its final monarch, Umberto II (or Umberto Nicola Tommaso Giovanni Maria di Savoia, in full), only got to be king for a month, earning him the nickname ‘Re di Maggio’ or ‘the May King’ – slightly unfair since he actually ruled from May 9th to June 12th.

Umberto had actually been acting as head of state since 1944; after Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime – to which the monarchy had been closely allied – collapsed, King Victor Emmanuel III transferred his powers to his only son in the hope it would give the monarchy a PR boost. It didn’t work.

Italy will never have another monarchy

For one thing, the constitution now forbids a monarchy, and for another, the House of Savoy family formally renounced their claim to the throne as one of the conditions for the right to return from exile, in 2002. Umberto refused the right to return to his homeland, dying in Geneva in 1983.

So what happened to the others? Prince Victor Emmanuel, his wife, and son returned to Italy in 2003 after Silvio Berlusconi’s party overturned their exile. However, they weren’t exactly welcomed home with open arms – not least because Victor Emmanuel had not long before defended Mussolini’s racial laws as “not all that bad”. There were numerous protests and the mayor of Naples refused a €15,000 donation from the family to a local hospice.

Republic Day changed dates for 24 years

In March 1977, Italy’s economy wasn’t doing so well, and all its public holidays were thought to be having a negative impact. So to avoid affecting business, Republic Day was moved to the first Sunday in June. It was only changed back to June 2nd in 2001.

The first Sunday of June had a long history as Italy’s national holiday; before Italy became a Republic, this holiday was known as the Feast of the Albertine Statute – the constitution of 1848, which was seen as the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy.

Adult Italian Conversation 8-Week Summer Session Open for Enrollment!

Date 05.24.2018

$20 off if you enroll by June 8, 2018! 8-week session for beginning and intermediate level adult language conversation classes at our Burbank location start on Saturday June 23.

Beginning Adult Conversation
Join Fondazione Italia for a fun introduction to Italian language and culture! This class focuses on essential conversational skills that will help build a student’s confidence in speaking and listening to Italian. Through different instruction delivery platforms including, interactive games, and fun role playing, students will learn how to introduce themselves, make a hotel/restaurant reservation, order an espresso and much more while building their vocabulary. An aspect of Italian culture will be integrated into every lesson. This class is for beginners with no prior exposure to Italian or any level student wishing to converse and review beginning level Italian sentence frames and structures.

June 23, 30 / July 7, 14, 21, 28
10:00 am – 11:30 am
$155 with discount

Intermediate Adult Conversation
Join Fondazione Italia this summer for a full immersion class to become more fluent in the Italian language. This course is suitable for students who have an existing knowledge of Italian, and would like to improve their conversational skills by exploring the Italian culture and lifestyle though Italian Literature, Drama, and History of the Arts.

June 23, 30 / July 7, 14, 21, 28
11:45 am – 1:15 pm
$155 with discount

Enroll Today!

Private Italian Seafood Dinner with SAOR Project – May 26

Date 05.24.2018

You are invited to attend a private Italian Seafood Dinner on May 26 organized by chefs Gianluca and Alessandra of SAOR Project. Only ten seats available.



Capesanta Lardellata, Crostino con Alice, Tonno marinato in balsamico Scallop with Bacon, Anchovy Crostino, Tuna marinated in balsamic vinegar


Spaghetti alle Vongole Spaghetti with Clams


Seppie in Umido con Polenta Squid “in Umido” with Polenta


Mousse Limone e Yogurt Mousse Lemon and Yogurt

Menu $ 55.00 per person

(Wine not included, feel free to bring your own bottle, no corkage fee)




Italian Genealogy Workshop: Discovering Your Ancestral Records – May 19

Date 05.15.2018

Millions of Americans identify themselves as having Italian ancestry. If you’re one of them, this workshop might be of interest to you because it offers a hands-on approach to researching documents relevant to families that emigrated from Italy to the U.S. Participants will learn valuable research techniques specific to Italian genealogy to enhance their genealogical skills and offers novice and intermediate genealogists practical methods of research to utilize immigration and government records, and church documents to establish travel patterns, hometowns, and personal records. No knowledge of Italian is needed.

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Fee: $105

Italian Cultural Institute
1023 Hilgard Avenue

To register please call 310-824-7408 or email to

Auguri di cuore a tutte le mamme!

Date 05.13.2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamme out there!