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Eduitalia Scholarships for Summer 2021 for students who take the Italian AP on May 19

Date 04.30.2020

The Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. and Eduitalia, an association of 111 qualified schools, colleges and universities that offer courses for foreign students in Italy, have partnered to offer 23 scholarships aimed to promote Italian language and culture in the U.S. The grants will cover accommodation in Italy for up to 5 weeks at one of Eduitalia associated schools, enrollment, Italian classes, didactic material, and extracurricular activities.

The scholarships will allow winners to live an unforgettable study experience in Italy. All students who will take the AP Italian Language and Culture exam are eligible. Winners will be chosen by the Education Offices of the Consular network from the most deserving students.

Scholarships application deadline is May 15, 2020

For more information please visit:

Requirements and Instructions
Scholarship Application
Eduitalia website

Summer Session of Online Italian Adult Classes Now Open for Enrollment!

Date 04.29.2020

Our first summer session focuses on putting your Italian into practice! Select from a variety of conversation courses at different levels including an Italian Essentials class for beginners a NEW Book Club for pre-intermediate students and “In Vaggio per Italia,” a student-led presentation class for advanced students! Continuing B1 Certification preparation offered too!

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Summer Session of Online Italian Classes for Kids Now Open for Enrollment!

Date 04.29.2020

Continuing Italian Kids Classes through the summer. Next session starts mid-May!

Toddler Italian Music and Story-time
30-minute workshops are designed to teach Italian to children ages 3 to 5 through songs, dances and the power of storytelling!

Kids Art in Italian for ages 4+
During each 60-minute workshop students will be guided step-by-step through the creation of an art project inspired by a famous artist all while learning Italian!

Italian through Games for ages 6+
60-minute lessons focuses on developing communication skills through fun activities including memory matching, word wheel game, click and tell, quizzes and songs.

Traditional Italian language for all age groups

NEW! Italian Kids Classes
Bambine Ribelli! This 4-week course is designed for intermediate level Italian students ages 6+ who can read in Italian. Important women through history will be discussed during each lesson from the bestselling book in Italy, “Storie delle Buonanotte per Bambine Ribelli.”

A Tutto Fitness! This 4-week fitness course for kids ages 10+ will teach kids about fitness with basic elements of Martial Arts instruction to increase the mind body connection and empower students. Course will be presented in Italian by  Francesco Arnone , a World Kick Boxing Organization Hall of Fame martial artist .




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“Casa Dolce Casa” Contest for Kids to help raise funds to fight COVID-19!

Date 04.20.2020

Casa Dolce Casa (Home Sweet Home) Contest for children is designed to make us feel closer. Creative Books together with Rapsodia Edizioni and Paola Merolli will make an e-book together and raise funds to fight the Coronavirus. “Home sweet Home” will be a book full of children’s memories and emotions during this difficult time.

All children who wish to be involved are being asked to draw the house of their dreams and to write a short paragraph or a thought or poem (in Italian or English) on the moment we’re all living. The profits of the e-book will be donated to the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani.

Deadline for submissions is May 30.

More Information and Submission Instructions- ENGLISH

More Information and Submission Instructions- ITALIAN


Dual language teachers try to ‘stay the course’ separated from classrooms

Date 04.16.2020

Students are missing the normal “inputs” that support biliteracy, but experts say there are ways to amplify the second language at home.

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Watch Zucchero at SanRemo 2020

Date 04.15.2020

Although Zucchero’s concert orginally scheduled for April 17 at Beverly Hills Saban Theatre has been postponed, you can watch him perform live at the SanRemo 2020 music festival.
Credited as the father of Italian blues and boasting over 80 million records sold worldwide, Zucchero’s music is largely inspired by gospel, soul, blues and rock music, that alternates between Italian ballads and more rhythmic R&B-boogie-like pieces. Zucchero’s concert will be reschedule.





Italian Song Catalogue from 1900 to 2000 on Canzone Italiana

Date 04.14.2020

Canzone Italiana is a platform allowing users to listen online to the invaluable musical heritage of over a century of Italian song, from 1900 to 2000, created with the objective of bringing this important part of Italian culture to a multigenerational audience. The distinguishing feature of the portal is the organization following chronological, analytical and reasoned criteria of an audio and discographic production that is at present unsystematically organized or scattered, especially on the web.



Watch Andrea Bocelli ‘Music For Hope’ Livestream From Milan’s Duomo Cathedral – April 12

Date 04.09.2020

Watch Andrea Bocelli ‘Music For Hope’ Livestream From Milan’s Duomo Cathedral on Sunday, April 12 Music For Hope LIVE – April 12th 10am LA | 1pm NYC | 6pm UK | 7pm CET via @YouTube Andrea Bocelli will give a solo performance at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan which will be livestreamed globally on YouTube.

In Naples, Pandemic ‘Solidarity Baskets’ Help Feed The Homeless

Date 04.07.2020

Italy has been hard-hit by the coronavirus epidemic, with a death toll of more than 16,000. Its economy is in near-shutdown.

Although Italy’s south has seen fewer deaths from COVID-19 infection than the north, its poverty and jobless rates are high. In lockdown since March 10, Naples, a normally bustling city of more than 2 million, is now a ghost town. Acts of charity, long a hallmark of this city, have become more important than ever as a means of sustenance.

“Chi può metta, chi non può prenda” (“Those who can, put something in, those who can’t, help yourself.”) – Giuseppe Moscati

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Important Information about this year’s AP Italian Language and Culture Exam

Date 04.03.2020

Due to the closure of all California schools the AP Italian Language and Culture, students are being offered to take an at-home version of the exam on May 19, 2020. The exam will take 45 minutes and will focus on only oral skills. The exam will be comprised of open response questions based on cultural comparisons and conversation.

Video on the topic that will be covered on the at-home exam.

More Information on the Exam