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Calling all Italian Teachers! FI has created a Teacher Portal Just for you

Date 02.04.2021

Fondazione Italia has created a “Teacher Portal” on our website in support of all Italian teachers. In the portal teachers will find classroom resources, professional development training opportunities, scholarship information, job postings and more!

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Ital Career Talks Series – “Resources for Future Translators” – Feb. 5

Date 01.29.2021

“Ital Career Talks” is a series of discussion with professionals who use Italian in their work lives presented by the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Italian Clubs at USC, CSULB, UCLA and Chapman University.

Next talk via zoom is with CSULB Prof. Giulia Togato on “Resources for Future Translators”

February 5, 2021 at 6:00 pm PST.

Please connect to zoom via your account and enter Meeting ID: 872 8814 7966

Come and explore the different study and career paths leading to Italy.

International Holocaust Memorial Day: Screening of “I Only Wanted to Live” – Jan. 27

Date 01.13.2021

This documentary chronicles the Holocaust as experienced in Italy, from the racial laws Mussolini enacted in 1938 through the German invasion in 1943 and the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945. The experiences are made personal through the use of testimony from the archive of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education. Nine Italian citizens, all survivors of Auschwitz, share their stories; their testimonies are woven among personal and historical photographs and additional archival footage.

Accompanied by an exclusive video introduction by the Director Mimmo Calopresti and remarks by the Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, Silvia Chiave.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Time: At 6:00 pm PST
Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute and Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles
In collaboration with : he Holocaust Museum LA, the Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles, the USC Shoah Foundation., AJC Los Angeles and ADL Los Angeles
Entrance : Free

Organized by the Cultural Institute in Los Angeles and the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles with the Holocaust Museum LA, the Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles, the USC Shoah Foundation., AJC Los Angeles and ADL Los Angeles

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Italy Begins Year of Dante

Date 01.19.2021

2021 marks 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. Check out local Italian Cultural Institute for events in celebration of Dante taking place throughout the year. @AccademiaCrusca will tweet out a word by Dante every day!  @iiclosangeles

Il Piccolo Violino Magico – International Violin Competition in Italy for Young Violinists

Date 01.15.2021

Il Piccolo Violino Magico is an international Violin Competition for young violinists up to 14 years old that will be held in July in Italy.
Deadline to apply is April 15, 2021

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La Befana Comes Tonight! – Jan. 5

Date 01.05.2021

On January 5th throughout Italy, excited children prepare for a late-night visit from La Befana by hanging up socks to be filled with small delights. Befana, a grandmotherly woman who resembles a kindly witch, brings gifts to good little children, depositing them in stockings hung above the hearth, then tidying up a bit before taking her leave.

Befana arrives after children have gone to bed on the eve of the Festa dell’Epifania (Feast of Epiphany), which is a celebration of the visit of the Three Kings or Magi to the newborn Christ child in Bethlehem. It’s thought that her name derives from the word “Epifania.” Another theory posits that an important figure from Italian folklore is a Christian version of an earlier Roman goddess, Sabine (also known as “Strenia” and “Bastrina”).

While the ancient goddess connection is probably accurate, Befana has been transformed through the ages from her likely ancient Roman origins. The medieval figure conceived of in 13th century Rome is very similar to the grandmotherly Befana children adore today.

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Fondazione Italia’s Winter 2021 Classs for Kids & Adults Open for Registration!

Date 12.17.2020

Check out our toddler, kids, teen and adult language class offerings for 2021! Courses start the second week of January. Registration opens January 1, 2021.

Kids Course Schedule – The AP prep course is back!

Adult Course Schedule – We are offering a host of NEW classes from phonetics to art to comic books!


Felice Anno Nuovo!

Date 12.30.2020

Italian Government K-12 Italian Language Grant 2021-22 Application Now Available!

Date 12.21.2020

Italian government funded Italian language grants are available through Fondazione Italia to K-12 schools throughout Southern California. Italian language grants are offered in an effort to promote and support the teaching of the Italian language and culture in schools outside of Italy. Public and private not-for-profit K-12 schools throughout Southern California, New Mexico, Nevada or Arizona offering or intending to offer Italian during the school day, or as an elective course in the 2021-2022 school year are invited to apply.

Please note that a grant cannot be awarded for fee-based after-school programs. Grant funds may be applied towards the Italian teacher or teaching assistant pay, or to purchase Italian books/didactic materials needed for the program.

Download Application

Deadline is February 1, 2021

National Italian Exam 2021 for Middle & High School Students

Date 12.17.2020

The NIE Committee is delighted to announce the opening of the registration for the NIE 2021 and the launching of their new website.  On the NIE website, teachers and parents will find site step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to register their students and administer the exam (in person or remotely) as well as other important information. 

 What is the NIE? 
It is a web-based proficiency and performance assessment that measures written and aural interpretation skills in alignment with the ACTFL Performance Descriptors and the 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. The National Italian Exam is part of the larger family of national language examinations offered by other language associations (AATG, AATSP, AATF) and is now included in the NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principal) National Advisory List of Contests and Activities for 2020-2021.

Who can participate?
Middle school and high school students in the USA can participate in the contest. Home-schooled students, students who have studied Italian outside a traditional school setting, and college students could also participate in the competition but should contact the NIE director to determine the exam level ( More information on this page. 

What are the conditions to participate? 
Teachers should be AATI members in good standing. Non-members could also participate, but with a higher fee. Visit this page to become/renew your AATI membership.
For the 2021 school year, the NIE can be administered remotely following a proctoring protocol. Learn more here. 

What do I need to know before registering my students?
Before registering students, teachers should familiarize themselves with the structure of the exam, in particular, they need to consider the exam levels and categories, as well as the typologies of students that are participating Visit this page. 

How do I register for the exam?
The NIE is delivered electronically on the web platform Lingco. Teachers and students need to register on this platform to participate. Visit this page.

What is the fee to participate in the contest and how do I pay for the fees?
Teachers and schools can pay online with credit cards / Paypal, or using checks. For more information on fees and payments, visit this page.

How will our students be awarded? 
AATI offers an extensive regional and national prize program that consists of monetary prizes, study-trips to Italy, medals, and certificates to award students of all different language proficiency to celebrate their accomplishments. Visit this page. 

If you have any questions,  do not hesitate to contact The NIE Committee at