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Cinema Italian Style 2021 – Dec. 8 to15

Date 11.30.2021

Curtain up! It’s time for the 3rd edition of Cinema Italian Style, the annual festival that brings you the best of new Italian film. This year, like last year, we’re remaining virtual, with a full program of films and filmmaker Q&As to stream from the comfort of your home.

Cinema Italian Style is co-presented by Luce Cinecittà and the Seattle International Film Festival, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture – Cinema Department and the Italian Cultural Institutes of San Francisco and Los Angeles, under the auspices of the Consulates General of Italy in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency of Los Angeles and the American Cinematheque.


THE INNER CAGE (Ariaferma)
Dir: Leonardo Di Costanzo
Italy | 2021 | 117 min
Cast: Silvio Orlando, Toni Servillo, Fabrizio Ferracane, Salvatore Striano, Roberto De Francesco, Pietro Giuliano

An old prison built in the 19th century, located in a remote and unspecified part of Italian territory, is being decommissioned. As a result of bureaucratic holdups the transfers have been blocked and a dozen inmates are left, along with a few guards, waiting to be sent to new destinations. In a suspended atmosphere, the rules that keep them separate are slackened and new forms of relationship emerge among the remaining men.

LIKE A CAT ON A HIGHWAY 2 (Come un gatto in tangenziale 2)
Dir: Riccardo Milani
Italy | 2021 | 110 min
Cast: Paola Cortellesi, Antonio Albanese, Claudio Amendola, Sonia Bergamasco, Luca Argentero, Sarah Felberbaum

The second chapter of the blockbuster comedy LIKE A CAT ON A HIGHWAY sees the return of Paola Cortellesi and Antonio Albanese as foul-mouthed, tattooed Monica and radical chic intellectual Giovanni, three years after the end of their relationship. When Monica ends up in jail because her twin stepsisters (Alessandra and Valentina Giudicessa) hid stolen goods in the oil drums of “Pizza e Samosa,” she calls her ex for help. Giovanni succeeds in replacing the detention with community service in the parish of San Basilio led by Don Davide (Luca Argentero), who is as handsome as he is pious. So Monica and Giovanni’s lives are intertwined again, but when they organize a lunch in Coccia di Morto with the whole family, the unthinkable happens… An unmissable comic delight that reunites two of Italy’s best-known and loved comedic actors.

THE HOLE (Il buco)
Dir: Michelangelo Frammartino
Italy | 2021 | 93 min
Cast: Paolo Cossi, Jacopo Elia, Denise Trombin, Nicola Lanza

During the economic boom of the 1960s, Europe’s highest building rises in prosperous northern Italy. At the other end of the country, young speleologists explore Europe’s deepest cave in the untouched Calabrian hinterland, reaching the bottom of the Bifurto Abyss 700 meters below for the first time. The intruders’ venture goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of a small neighboring village – but not by the old shepherd of the Pollino plateau, whose solitary life begins to interweave with the group’s journey. Another work of near-wordless beauty that touches on the mystical from visionary director Michelangelo Frammartino (LE QUATTRO VOLTE), this film plumbs unknown depths of life and nature through two parallel voyages to the interior.

THE MACALUSO SISTERS (Le sorelle Macaluso)
Dir: Emma Dante
Italy | 2020 | 94 min
Cast: Alissa Maria Orlando, Susanna Piraino, Anita Pomario, Eleonora De Luca, Viola Pusatieri, Donatella Finocchiaro

Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia and Antonella are five sisters who live in an apartment in Palermo. They make a living by renting doves for ceremonies. On an ordinary day at the beach, tragedy strikes, upending their relationships for the rest of their lives. “Dante sets a firm seal upon her cross-disciplinary emergence as a director of unusually vivid empathy.” – Variety

Dir: Francesco Lettieri
Italy | 2021 | 105 min
Cast: Andrea Carpenzano, Daniele Del Plavignano, Ludovica Martino, Enrico Borello, Riccardo De Filippis

Nic – better known as Lovely Boy – is the rising star of Rome’s trap scene, boasting pure talent, numerous face tattoos and utter disinterest for the rest of the world. While his beginnings point him towards a dazzling musical ascent, he risks falling into a dangerous spiral of self-destruction.

BLUE EYES (Occhi blu)
Dir: Michela Cescon
Italy/France | 2021 | 86 min
Cast: Valeria Golino, Jean Hugues Anglade, Ivano De Matteo, Matteo Olivetti, Ludovica Skofic, Teresa Romagnoli

Rome. A solo bank and jewelry store robber always manages to escape the cops on a new maxi scooter. The crimes are the talk of the town, and the police commissioner on the case doesn’t know which way to turn. He asks for help from a Parisian friend known as The French, famed for having solved apparently impossible cases, who understands that the culprit behind these robberies is an unassuming blue-eyed woman no one would suspect: a math genius named Valeria, who knows Roman traffic like the back of her hand and aims to prove her worth through theft. Fascinated by her, The French will play a kind of chess game with Valeria, until he’ll be forced into a desperate gamble with the threat of arrest.

Dir: Giorgio Verdelli
Italy | 2021 | 104 min | Documentary
Cast: Ezio Bosso, Carlo Conti, Silvio Orlando

Ezio Bosso’s unusual career has always been shaped by the love of his art, which for him is both a discipline and a raison d’être. Bosso reveals his real self In this film, taking us into his world and his imagination as if through a diary. With multilayered narration weaving together image and sound, his words alternate with his second voice, music. Friends, family and collaborators like Gabriele Salvatores, Silvio Orlando and Paolo Fresu help to paint an accurate and detailed picture of the man. The previously unreleased THE THINGS THAT REMAIN is a final message from Bosso to the world; as he himself declared: “everyone will tell their own story and I can only hint at mine.”

Dir: Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi, Alice Rohrwacher
Italy | 2021 | 105 min | Documentary

FUTURA is a truly collective work that explores what boys and girls from 15 to 20 think about the future through a series of interviews filmed during a long journey across Italy. It is a portrait of the country, as seen through the eyes of a group of teens who talk about the places they live in, their dreams, expectations, desires and fears.

THE IMAGE MACHINE OF ALFREDO C. (La macchina delle immagini di Alfredo C.)
Dir: Roland Sejko
Italy | 2021 | 76 min | Documentary
Cast: Pietro De Silva

As Fascist Italy occupies Albania in April 1939, thousands of Italian workers, settlers and technicians are transferred to the country. When Albania is liberated in November 1944, the new Communist government closes the borders and places dozens of conditions on Italy for the repatriation of its citizens. A year later, 27,000 Italian veterans and civilians are still held in Albania. Among them is a cameraman, Alfredo C. As part of the Fascist propaganda effort, he had been traveling around Albania shooting film for five years. For almost two decades before that, he had immortalized the great machine of the Italian regime. Now, being the only cameraman around, Alfredo has been asked to work on behalf of Communist propaganda. Shut in his storeroom, surrounded by thousands of reels of film, Alfredo watches what he has shot again on an old Moviola. It is his film that we are watching. And perhaps, not his alone.

Italian Holiday Traditions & Superstitions Virtual Workshop – Dec. 5

Date 11.29.2021

Join Lorena Bignamini on Sunday, December 5 @ 10:00 am PST for a free one-hour virtual workshops on Italy’s Holiday Traditions, its unique food … and its superstitions! Lorena will explain shared traditions of Northern and Southern Italy as well as traditions that are unique to a region or a city. Food is the centerpiece of any Italian holiday tradition including the legendary ‘Seven Fishes Dinner’ and Panettone but also the lesser known Pasticcio di Natale and Panforte. You will also learn about superstitions and what to do and what not to do to ring in the new year. After this workshop you will find yourself buying grapes and lentils to eat on New Year’s Eve! Presentation is in English with some Italian.


K-12 Italian Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Date 11.22.2021

GRAZIE MILLE to all K-12 students who participated in the 2021 Italian Poetry Contest in celebration of World Italian Language Week. We received over 70 amazing poems! Please join me in congratulating the below first place poems in each of the grade ranges. Congratulazioni!
K-4: “La Storia di Gerione” by Teo & Olivio
5-8: “La Vita” by Dylan Shomer
9-12: “La Ragazza Misteriosa” by Samuele Gabriele
Contest was organized by Fondazione Italia in collaboration with Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco, Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Los Angeles, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di San Francisco, and the Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale

Let’s Make Gnocchi! Free Kids Virtual Cooking Workshop – Nov. 21

Date 11.12.2021

Sunday, November 21 at 2:00 pm & 3:30 pm PST – Kids are invited to master the art of making light and fluffy gnocchi with Italian chef Deborah Dal Fovo! Join Deborah for a free one-hour online cooking class as she guides young cooks step-by-step to make gnocchi from scratch using ricotta cheese instead of potatoes and an accompanying sugo (sauce).  Workshop will be conducted in English with some Italian. Kids Italian Cooking Workshop is presented in collaboration with the Italian Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, The Italian Consulate General Italy in San Francisco, the  Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles and the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco as part of the VI World Week of Italian Cuisine.

Date: Sunday, November 21
Time: 2:00 pm PST (kids ages 5-12) | 3:30 pm PST (ages 13+)

Deborah Dal Fovo is an accomplished Italian Chef who mastered her culinary education hands-on while living in Italy for 20 years and becoming an authority on Italian food and wine.






6th Annual World Week of Italian Cuisine – Nov. 15 to Nov. 21

Date 11.09.2021

On the occasion of the 6th Annual World Week of Italian Cuisine celebrating tradition, the Mediterranean diet and food sustainability the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles with Eataly Los Angeles presents two learn, taste & dine virtual workshops:

Traditional Tuscany: Ribollita on November 16 at 6 pm
Real Ravenna: Maltagliati al ‘sugo scappato‘ on November 17 at 6 pm


World Week of Italian Cuisine

“Tradition and perspectives of Italian cuisine: awareness and enhancement of food sustainability” is the theme of the sixth annual “World Week of Italian Cuisine” which will run from the 15th to the 21st of November 2021. The event is a worldwide initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aimed at promoting quality and heritage of Italian cuisine, as distinctive signs of our identity and culture, and at developing mutual trade and tourism.

For the full program of the sixth annual “World Week of Italian Cuisine please click here 

Artemisia Gentileschi: New Perspectives – Nov. 13

Date 11.09.2021

The Getty Museum recently acquired Lucretia, a newly discovered painting by Artemisia Gentileschi—arguably the most famous Italian woman painter of the 17th century. In this panel discussion, four leading experts on the work of Artemisia Gentileschi focus on the discovery of new documents and the emergence of unknown paintings over the last 20 years, which have deepened our understanding of her artistic trajectory. Following the program, light refreshments will be served outdoors.

Saturday, November 13, 2021, at 11 am PST
The Getty Center and Online
Free | Advance ticket required

Attend In Person: Get Tickets
Watch OnlineSign-up here to watch via Zoom.

Note: Not all speakers will not be present at this event, but will participate remotely.

Shelia Barker directs the Jane Fortune Research Program on Women Artists at the Medici Archive Project in Florence. She is also an adjunct associate professor of art history at University of Pennsylvania. Specialized in archival research, she has made several discoveries with regard to Artemisia Gentileschi, including her dowry contract, her first biography written in 1620, and scores of legal documents. Barker has edited three volumes of essays on early modern women artists in Italy: Artemisia Gentileschi in a Changing LightWomen Artists in Early Modern Italy, and Artiste nel chiostro. This year the Getty published her edition of translated biographies titled Lives of Artemisia Gentileschi, and in February it will publish her book Artemisia Gentileschi for its Illuminating Women Artists series. Barker’s current projects include an article on Artemisia’s sonnets, as well as an essay that connects Artemisia’s iconography of suicide to currents of political dissent in Baroque Italy.

Jesse Locker is professor of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art at Portland State University. He is author of Artemisia Gentileschi: The Language of Painting and editor of Art and Reform in the Late Renaissance: After Trent. His current project, “Il Sordo: In Search of a Deaf Painter in Spanish Milan,” is supported by a Renaissance Society of America-Samuel H. Kress Research Fellowship in Renaissance Art History.

Judith W. Mann, curator of European art to 1800 at the St. Louis Art Museum, has reinstalled the collections of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and 18th-century European painting and sculpture three times, and organized two major international exhibitions. Mann curated Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi: Father and Daughter Painters in Baroque Italy, which opened at Rome’s Palazzo Venezia and later was seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Letizia Treves is the James and Sarah Sassoon Curator of Later Italian, Spanish, and French 17th-Century Paintings at the National Gallery, London. Treves has curated a number of exhibitions, notably Beyond CaravaggioBartolomé Bermejo: Master of the Spanish Renaissance and Bellotto: The Königstein Views Reunited. In 2018 Letizia championed the National Gallery’s acquisition of Artemisia Gentileschi’s Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the first painting by the artist to enter a public collection in the UK, and she was the curator of the much-acclaimed Artemisia exhibition last year.

This program is co-presented by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.


Virtual Workshop: The Silk Tallit, A Story of Jewish-Italian Rediscovery – Nov. 9

Date 11.04.2021

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, from 12:30pm to 1:45pm EST, the Italian Studies Program of Muhlenberg College will host a FREE webinar featuring young Italian entrepreneurs, Dora and Sofia Piperno, entitled: “The Silk Tallit: A Story of Jewish-Italian Rediscovery & Entrepreneurship.”

Dora and Sofia Piperno grew up in a Jewish family in Rome. In 2016 the two sisters founded a company with a very particular business plan: to resurrect the ancient Jewish-Italian tradition of silk tallit manufacturing, and market their products to a global public.

The tallit (pl: tallitot) is a Jewish ritual prayer shawl, and the Jews of Italy had a long tradition of making ornate, exquisitely crafted tallitot out of fine Italian silk and embroidery; however, this art was lost during the tumultuous 20th century.

After extensive historical research, the Piperno sisters founded a company, Talled di Seta, that produces magnificent tallitot out of fine Italian silk according to the ancient practice. They will share with us the centuries-old tradition of Jewish silk textile art and production in Italy, the Jewish-Italian custom of silk tallitot, and the ins and outs of creating a business that produces and markets a high-quality local product on a global scale.

The event will take place via Zoom, and is free and open to the public. You can join us by visiting the webpage of the Italian Studies Program at Muhlenberg College: .

This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Muhlenberg College and the Lehigh University Berman Center for Jewish Studies, with support from the Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation.

tallit flyer


IIC Bambini San Francisco presents Italian Puppet Shows for Kids! Next Episode Nov. 6

Date 11.03.2021

Italian Puppet Show for Kids! IL CONTAFAVOLE (Teller of Tales), is a fun and engaging series of online episodes from the beloved Italian children’s theater company, Teatro Verde. This series was created exclusively for IIC Bambini as a co-production of Istituto Italiano Cultura SF and Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Chicago .
Follow the adventures of Diego the storyteller and a menagerie of hilarious animal puppets as they play, sing and discover together. Ideal for kids who speak Italian and “favoloso” for Italian language learners, too! This series of eight episodes is performed in Italian.
Teatro Verde is a children’s theater company that has been a cornerstone in the lives of Roman children, teenagers, schools and families since its founding in 1986. Their shows engage audiences with a variety of theatrical techniques including acting, puppetry, clowning, juggling, shadow play, projections, and more. Often addressing social issues, they are rich in color, music, and emotion.
These are FREE events.
Sep 25 | Episode 1
Oct 2 | Episode 2
Oct 9 | Episode 3
Oct 16 | Episode 4
Oct 23 | Episode 5
Oct 30 | Episode 6

Nov 6 | Episode 7  REGISTER

Nov 13 | Episode 8

Study+Italian+Work: “Italian & Engineering in the Classroom”

Date 10.25.2021

Dr. Marialuisa Di Stefano from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is interviewed for the series “Study+Italian+Work” on her development of curriculum opportunities around engineering in the K-12 Italian language classroom. Dr. Di Stefano is an Assistant Professor of Language, Literacy, & Culture Concentration and the Bilingual and Dual Language Education Coordinator at UMass-Amherst. She is joined in the interview by two of her students, Valentina Cella and Kenneth Scriboni.

Italian Television Festival – Oct. 30

Date 10.25.2021

The three day event kicks off with a free public screening of family-oriented Italian television animated series and short films in Little Italy, San Pedro. Free and open to the public. First come first sit!
Saturday, October 30 from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
5.00 – 5.30 PM ITTV presentation and award
Joe Buscaino – Councilman and Los Angeles mayoral candidate
Silvia Chiave – Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles
6.00 – 8.30 PM “Young TV” opening night
Dedicated to family-oriented animated short, movies and television series
– ‘Mila’ a CG Animated Short Film about a little girl who survived bombings during WWII in Trento, Italy during 1943, by Cinzia Angelini
– ‘Puffins’ 3 episodes, featuring the voice of Johnny Depp and ‘Arctic Friends’ 2 episodes by ILBE Group film production
– ‘Pinocchio and Friends’ International and US Premiere by Rainbow Group, founded by Iginio Straffi, and Rai Ragazzi
– Best of ’44 Cats’ and ‘Winx’ by Rainbow Group