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“Diritti a Colori” International Drawing Competition for Kids ages 3-16!

Date 05.28.2015

“Diritti a Colori” International Drawing Competition for Kids ages 3-16! Join young artists from around the world by having your child participate in the “Diritti a Colori” (“Colorful Rights”) art competition. Colorful Rights was created by Fondazione Malagutti onlus in order to promote childhood rights. Part of their mission is to promote culture, to favor artistic expression, creativity, art, and beauty in order to inspire positive growth in all children.

How to participate:
• Children from 3 to 16 years of age can participate with an individual or a working group.
• Every participant can send 3 drawings at most.
• The theme of competition, the support, the technique and the format are free.
• Fill in the participation form and stick it on the back of each drawing (you may photocopy it).
• The drawings will become a property of the Fondazione Malagutti onlus which reserves the right of use.
• Send your drawings to: Fondazione Malagutti onlus – Via dei Toscani 8 – 46010 Curtatone (MN)


Winners will be awarded a tour through Italy for a family of three! – Tour will visit 9 important art cities: Milan, Turin, Venice, Verona, Mantova, Bologna, Rome, Naples, and Florence. Winners will stay three days in each of these cities in order to discover their beauty and experience incredible works of art first hand.

Winners will be announced June 28. Italian tour will take place during 2016.

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