Adult Beginning I is designed for students with zero to a low level knowledge of Italian. This introductory 15-week course follows a standard curriculum for a beginner. Students will learn about greetings and introductions, pluralizing, subject pronouns, the tu/Lei distinction, the Italian sound system, numbers etc., while covering basic present tense verb families as well as using adjectives and irregular verbs such as essere, avere and chiamarsi. This course aims to develop students’ basic communicative skills through learning vocabulary and grammar in order to be able to use and respond to everyday expressions in simple conversations.

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Adult Beginning II is designed for students who have an established low level beginning knowledge of Italian. The course begins with a review of the main points that were taught in Beginning I. Throughout fifteen weeks, while implementing new vocabulary regarding “hobbies and pastimes,” and “vacation and travel,” this course furthers students’ familiarity with the present tense -ire verb conjugation, covers articles, prepositions, adjectives and the model verbs, piacere, potere, venire, andare, dovere and sapere.  At the end of the course, we hope to build a student’s knowledge to be able to confidently speak about their interests, tastes, and preferences, ask the time, reserve a hotel room and describe people and places.

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Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 1 will be available for purchase on the first day of classes.


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