Fondazione Italia wishes to thank the following associations and individuals for their support of our mission by contributing to fund scholarships and Italian programs in Southern California. Your donation to Fondazione Italia can be designated to fund a particular scholarship or program and featured in your name on our “Grants & Scholarships” page, or you may choose to have your donation go into the Fondazione Italia General Fund which enables us to offer scholarships for children to study Italian, support Italian programs in local schools, and provide teaching resources and professional development opportunities for Italian teachers working in Southern California.

Donate via PayPal or to send us a donation via mail please download our Donation_Form.

Our Generous Donors

Francesca Taylor
Matteo Pasquini Espresso
Garibaldina Society Los Angeles
Gibson Dunn
Drago Events
Julia Ladd
Enriquetta Hillen
Cecilia Vivian Brun del Ren
Orange County Italian Cultural Association
Claudine Phillips
Marisa Antonini Foundation
Italian Heritage Culture Foundation
Sharon Martin in memory of William J. Birney
Susan Tae
The PIMCO Foundation
Giuseppe Luna
The Marisa Antonini Foundation
Patrons of Italian Culture
The Renaissance Foundation
The Associazione Pugliese del Sud
Di Stefano Cheese Company
Atelier KF Interior Design
Alessá Laguna
Claro's Italian Market
The San Gennaro Foundation